About Us

Due to COVID-19 and all the lock downs, we crafters needed a way to sale our products. Of course craft fairs were out of the questions. So two knuckleheads got together scheming on a way to sale our products. And BAM!! WEBSITE! Now keep in mind I did say two knuckleheads, with very little knowledge of making a website. So when you come across an error, please don’t be a Karen, just chuckle to yourself and say yep, a knucklehead! I promise I will get better 😀

Use two knuckleheads have our own collection box on the home page. Just click on the name box and it will take you straight to our products. Or you can click on Shop on the header of the home page and check out everyone’s products.

A lot of the items can be custom made, so keep that in mind as you browse. If you have a question for a certain products, you can email that knucklehead directly, our email address will be posted on our page. Or just send a *contact us* and the question will get directed to that knucklehead.

We hope you have fun browsing our site! And we THANK YOU so much for supporting our small business!

Remember, life is short so have fun, be silly and laugh a lot!!!

Covid-19 is contagious but so is Smiling and Kindness so SPREAD IT!!